I really haven't found a good time to sit down each day and let my fingers type, but it is so nice to look back on previous experiences and adventures and relive them, so I will keep trying. 
It's 8:45 pm and I just finished vacuuming and still haven't eaten dinner so I'm making tonight's post quick, but it's filled with little things to remember.

- I finally got a fiddle leaf fig plant. If you've ever looked through my Pinterest you know it's been high on my love list but they usually run a $100/ piece which just doesn't seem right right now. Well today Home Depot and smaller ones for $15. I called Brice, replanted it, and have been loving on it since.

- I joined Rover (a dog walking app) and am making $15 for every 30 minute walk  I take with someone else's dog. The kids love it and it's easy and nice to be paid to be out walking.

- It's a big bummer Hazel has to wait another year for Kindergarten. I wouldn't want to send her to the school we're zoned for- but she is ready and eager and so am I for a little break. I'm sure this time next year I will be so sad that it's time- but right now I need some time not answering 1000 questions an hour.

- Everyday Hazel asks how something is made, or why the laws are the way they are, or what certain occupations do all day. I need to get a little more prepared and do some professional visits and let her learn hands on.

- Henry has swimmer's ear- which is no surprise with how often we are in the pool, splash pad, or bathtub. Brice was rolling around with him on the floor the other morning (before we knew about his ear) and I guess he bonked Henry's sensitive ear just right because he cried and cried for 10 minutes. It was so sad.

- Brice worked for two weeks straight to build a website so you could figure out your best TV options to watch the sports game you we're interested in. Well guess what- he's making some money on it now... $9 and counting! Pass it on...

- 25 diapers left and I'm ready to give potty training a chance again. He's still pooping on the potty everyday so we didn't lose it all.

- I thought for sure we would have moved this summer, but since we didn't I've got a few projects to freshen up our apartment. Brice is happy to make some sawdust.

- Hazel is signed up for soccer this fall. It's one practice and one game each week for 7 weeks. 
She's mostly excited about having a coach and cleats. 
:: hazel ::

1. has figured out how to snap and she's so proud when its loud enough for us all to hear.
2. We spent the week babysitting and she has loved singing to baby Nate.
3. Mostly she just sings "you're a cute and chubby baby, yes you are..." 
4. still practices ballet at home but always closes her eyes.
5. loves listening to the Trolls soundtrack
6. needs new workbooks and quiet time activities.

:: henry ::

1. I've woken up once this week to Henry opening granola bars in bed with scissors and another day with the loaf of bread in his bed. 
2. I guess he is growing. 
3. He is mimicking everything Hazel does- pretend play and naughty things.
4. We took a break from potty training so I can regroup but he still goes poop every time on the potty.
5. Loves using sticks as fire hoses. 
6. Lost his pair of salt waters somewhere between getting out the front door and into the car. Seriously though, that's like 20 steps and I cannot find them anywhere.
7. practicing spelling his name and recognizing letters.

:: hazel ::

1. wants to be either a nurse, veterinarian, or fast food worker.
2. has been begging to go to McDonalds so on our roadtrip to TN we stopped. She could hardly believe it.
3. asked us to teach her how to read.
4. I wish she could go to Kinder this fall because she is so ready, but her birthday is too late.
5. Hazel memorized 15 scriptures for Primary this year- she was the first in junior or senior primary!
6. likes telling Alexa- turn on toddler music.
7. Has got a nice summer tan going on.

:: henry ::

1. Is starting to really get the "P" and "H" sounds down.
2. New words he's said: help me mama, pop, top, hat, hands, hot, horse, wash, hands, flush, buzz,and treat.
3. Asks for a snack every night after bedtime prayer.
4. looks so darn cute after a haircut.
5. Isn't afraid of bugs anymore and loves finding rolly-pollys.
6. loves helping wash dishes.
7. his favorite book ever is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Well we made our first trip to the Emergency Room this Sunday evening. We were on a walk after dinner, trying to get bedtime to come sooner, when Henry face-planted on a little brick wall and busted his lip. It was bleeding really good but we took his shirt off him and used it to stop the bleeding. When we got a good look at it we were pretty certain he would need a stitch. We made a quick call to ask Dr. Hackett and a nurse in our ward and then went to the ER. 

Henry slept through most of the waiting and I came prepared with a good library book for Hazel and we survived the 2.5 hours. 

I guess they normally sedate kids to do stitches on the face but Baylor doesn't ave pediatric anesthesia so they offered to transfer us to another hospital or just hold him down. It was already 9:15 pm so we said just do it. Henry was a champ really. I think he'll recover just fine but were trying to avoid scars on his chin and cheek.

1. This book. We've checked it out from the library and love it. It looks cute and its good time spent learning and reading. Plus it's ten dollars cheaper right now.
2. This modern buffet- its been on my "oh i wish I could swing it" list for two years now. I really really really want it.
3. I'm ready to change the kids rooms- they both could use bigger beds and real bedding. This will have to wait until we're out of this apartment but I'm starting to feel inspired!

Henry at 28 months
I mean, seriously! 
This mom gig has been tough lately... but this little guy loves his mama so much. I get so many hugs and kisses from him. He is potty trained, except nights are 50/50 still. He has been saying so many words now- we're really working on those b,p,d, and m sounds but he's trying. 
He's sad every-time I leave the house, but loves waving goodbye to Brice. He copies everything Hazel does for better and for worse, loves playing puppies and barking around the house. He can open the fridge by himself, runs right into the street EVERY time (we are really working on that), insists on buckling himself into his car-seat, and can scooter better than most of Hazel's friends.
I love you, boom boom.